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6 things you didnt know about how a Mulberry bag is made

Mulberry Its craftsmen and women will be taking over the brand’s New Bond Street store all week, showcasing exactly how they make their glossy Bayswaters and next season’s hero style, the Amberley. Creative Director Johnny Coca tells us that he can’t wait to show customers how much effort it actually takes. The famous logo is embossed on with gold foil “I do want people to see that it isn’t so easy to make a bag,” he says. “It’s not a case of sketch, cut and stitch, it’s so much more than this. There are many processes; how do you enforce the shape, manipulate the leathers, work with linings, attach a closure? We consider the construction of the product outside and inside and getting this finish right is what กระเป๋าแบรนด์ โรงเกลือ makes the difference and adds value.” Coca has been producing two collections per year since he joined the company in 2015, and says that the fact that Mulberry has honed skills at its Somerset plants was a key reason he กระเป๋า H & M accepted the job. “The factories are the reason I decided to join Mulberry,” he says. “I would never change that, it is so good to work so closely with the people who make the bags. The design team, we can take the train two hours down from London, make some prototypes with the team and come back the day after with first sample, it’s such a strong opportunity.” Coca believes it’s a sign of the times that people want to know where their products have been made, and who by, and that being Made In Britain adds to the appeal . Several families are among the 600 staff working across the two Mulberry factories, with parents passing skills on to their children.

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